Here is a selection of published reviews from readers of Chris’s work. Reviews are sourced from Amazon with the exception of Chris’s Mum who doesn’t know what Amazon is.

A Bridge Of Straw

“If I had to choose just one thing that I love in a book, it would be unpredictability; that is what keeps you wanting to read more, keeps you interested, keeps you guessing. This book has just that and it keeps it until the very end.”

Eva C

“My only criticism is the character depth, I felt I knew two of the main characters, I could picture them in my mind, they felt so real I could almost smell them. If the other characters had the same depth I would have given it five stars.”


“I’m not going to claim it’s the best book I’ve ever read but as a first novel it definitely cuts the mustard. The fact it’s his first novel would justify 5 stars but I’ve given it 4 otherwise I won’t be able to mark up his next novel when it also deserves it!”


“From about half-way through, the story started to race, and I felt that the author couldn’t wait to reveal the book’s secret in the dark denouement.”

Paul C

“Why have you written a book?”

Chris’s Mum

I was gripped from the first and read it over three evenings.”

A Wilson

“Why have you written another book?”

Chris's Mum

Manners From Heaven

“As he embarks on his mission to change one man, and thereby the world, it’s hard not to feel an odd mixture of sympathy and loathing for the central character, by turns wishing him to both succeed and fail.”