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About Chris Budd

Chris Budd lives in Somerset with his wife and two children. He plays guitar, reads lots of books and graphic novels, and spends far too little time watching cricket. In between all this, Chris likes to think a lot and write a little.

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What People Are Saying

Here is a selection of published reviews from readers of Chris’s work. Reviews are sourced from Amazon with the exception of Chris’s Mum who doesn’t know what Amazon is.

A Bridge Of Straw

“I took this book away with me on holiday, and it was such a nice read that I left it behind in the hope that somebody might stumble across it.”

 Beet Nixon

“From about half-way through, the story started to race, and I felt that the author couldn’t wait to reveal the book’s secret in the dark denouement.”

 Paul C

Manners From Heaven

“From the off I could relate with the main character.”


This Ending Was Very Clever

“Completely original plot, loved this book. Psychological thriller, totally hooked til the brilliant ending.”

A Hull

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While walking around a seaside town on holiday, my wife and I went into a gallery. It showed the work of one artist, who was busy working at the back of the shop. From the paintings in the window we deduced two things about this artist. Firstly, she was clearly very talented. Secondly, the paintings had a certain style. They were rather figurative, many of them of the local scenes of the local area. They were pictures tourists would buy to remind them of a wonderful holiday. As we entered [...]

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