Why do people write fiction, or create music.

Is it for money? For fame?

If these are the reasons, then they are poor ones, as these are extrinsic motivations. Let me explain.

The Financial Wellbeing Book

As well as fiction, I have also published non-fiction books. The Financial Wellbeing Book is all about our relationship with money. It provides the reader with a pathway to create a financial plan to make you happier, not just wealthier.

I also write the Financial Wellbeing Podcast. In episode 42, Professor Tim Kasser explains the two different types of motivations – the reasons why we do things.

An extrinsic motivation is something that we do for other people. It might be a reward, status, fame, or perhaps a deadline or to avoid a fine.

In contrast, an intrinsic motivation doesn’t really have a reason why you do it – you just do it because you want to.

Now, research shows us that achieving an extrinsic motivation does not have any effect on our wellbeing.

Achieving an intrinsic motivation, however, does increase wellbeing.

Intrinsic writing

I recall reading an interview with one of my favourite artists, Van Morrison, in the 90s. In it, he said that he saw making music as being his job. Just what he did to pay the bills.

I struggle to believe at the Van Morrison of the 70s and early 80s, when he made his great records, thought that way. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I stopped finding his music interesting when he started thinking of it as a job.

Personally, I write because I need to write. I enjoy it. Of course it’s wonderful when somebody tells you how much they enjoyed your novel, when you get positive Amazon reviews (please post Amazon reviews!). If I only got negative reviews I would probably still write, but maybe I wouldn’t publish!

Would I like to be offered a five book deal for my novels? Would I like one of my novels to be made into a movie? Damn right I would.

But that isn’t the reason why I write. For me, writing it is intrinsic.

Written by : Chris Budd

Chris Budd

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