I think it was Billy Connolly who once said that anyone who expresses an interest in being a politician should be automatically banned from being one.

Another great line is from Edie Brickell who said in her song I Do ‘I want someone to follow who doesn’t lead the way.’

The Cult of Personality

The great leaders of people who have an idea which touch you, which speak to your core values. They elucidate that idea because they believe it.

Unfortunately, it is so often in the nature of people to then worship the person above the idea.

This cult of personality means that positions of authority so often attract people who want to be heard, rather than people who necessarily have anything interesting to say.

Opening Up

I’ve taken lots of advice on how to promote my books. I am told that people want to understand the person behind the writing.

I’m really not comfortable with this. This might sound disingenuous – I know that come across as a person who wants the limelight, who wants to be on the stage.

I used to play guitar in a covers band. We played lots of parties and balls, often to hundreds of people. It’s true, I loved being on the stage, and I loved watching people having a great time because of how good the band was.

So I did enjoy being on the stage, but not to be watched or applauded (aw heck, a bit of praise is always nice!).

I like getting up to share ideas, I like discussing ideas, I’d like being at the heart of a discussion. I am, however, deeply uncomfortable with being the centre of attention.

Somebody once called me a high functioning introvert. I think this is a great expression, describes somebody like me, who wants to be in the discussion, to join in the debate, but not be the subject of it.

This is at the centre of The Vanishing Point. The business leaders and politicians, the celebrities, who want fame for fame’s sake. How would they react if there was an opportunity for just one of them to be at the centre of the biggest event to happen to mankind?

And who would we turn to then, who would we choose to really lead us?

Written by : Chris Budd

Chris Budd

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