Well, today is the day – my third novel, The Vanishing Point is published. How does it feel, I hear you ask?

Handing In The Homework

Imagine you are a thirteen year old boy, and have been told to write a poem as your English homework.

Showing your feelings in front of your classmates is the one thing that must not be allowed to happen. The only likely outcome is to be on the receiving end of a Chinese burn from Stephen Dare in the playground at lunchtime. No good can come of it.

Nevertheless, the topic that you were given struck a nerve. In a reflective moment, you write a poem that really expresses how you are feeling. It is the first time you have ever done this, and you hand in your homework to the teacher with a feeling of secret pride.

And so it is with enormous horror that you hear your name called out as the teacher asks you to come to the front of the room and read out your poem to the whole class.

Can you imagine that moment as you make that walk to the front of the class?

If you can, you will have an inkling of what it is like to publish a novel. It is the ultimate handing in of your homework.

How To Write A Novel

So why do I do it?

I write because I need to write – I picked up the habit again about 10 years ago after a period of (mild) depression, which I realised had come about because I wasn’t writing.

The Vanishing Point is my third novel. I have discovered that each novel takes me about three years to produce. First is the initial idea, then a period of research and gathering thoughts, creating plots and characters.

Then I start writing and, after a while, I start to realise what I am actually writing about.

To quote Mark Kermode, Jaws is not about a shark. The hunt for the rogue shark is merely the story, a vehicle to allow the story teller to examine themes of greed, masculinity, the old versus the new, man versus nature, how we confront our mortality.

For me, this is the most exciting part of writing a novel, when you start to uncover what it is you are actually writing about. Then you can use the second, third, fourth draft, to hone the concept, to allow it to breathe through the actions and decisions of the characters.

Having lived with these characters and concepts for so long, I now want to share the ideas with as many people as possible.

The Vanishing Point

So what is my third novel, The Vanishing Point, about?

Warning – what follows doesn’t include spoilers, but it does explain the story. If, like me, you don’t even read the back cover of a book because you want the entire experience to be new, then skip this next bit and go straight to ‘A Plea’ below.

The Vanishing Point is a thriller/satire about the future of humanity. A spaceship arrives on Earth with a special message that can only be delivered to one person. It is the story of that message and the reason for the arrival of the spaceship.

What The Vanishing Point is about, however, is our search for purpose and meaning, in the form of destiny. The destiny of Hannah, a middle-aged businesswoman seeking her purpose in life. Of Torben, a loner physics graduate in Copenhagen who is convinced that he has invented the most incredible machine in the history of mankind, even if he doesn’t actually know what it does. Of David Armitage, the man who pulls the strings of world leaders and yet finds himself dissatisfied.

And, ultimately, the destiny of humanity as we career towards the sixth mass extinction of life on earth.

It’s also a rollicking yarn with some pretty good jokes. I hope readers will enjoy the read but also be left with lots to think about.

A Plea

It takes a lot of effort to produce a competent novel, both in the writing, but also paying for editors, artists, publishers, etc.

I also believe that what I write about is important – that’s why I write about it! Readers may or may not agree with all points of view, but the subjects I cover are, I feel, worthy of debate.

I therefore really appreciate your support. Here’s how you might help:

  • Forward this email to one person (or more if you want!)
  • When you’ve read the book, post an (honest) Amazon review – Goodreads too, if that’s your bag
  • Suggest one of my books for a book group (I love attending the discussions – sometimes as a surprise guest!)
  • Post your thoughts on social media (I’m on Twitter @ovationchris and Facebook)

It’s a crowded marketplace out there. If you like The Vanishing Point (or any of my other novels), your validation may make the difference to someone taking the plunge.

Thank you – I really look forward to hearing what you think of The Vanishing Point!


The book is available from Amazon or (even better) direct from the publisher. Either route via https://www.chrisbudd.co.uk/ 

Written by : Chris Budd

Chris Budd

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